7 ag-tech startups with the right ingredients

By: Heather Clancy Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - 1:22am Image credit: Shutterstock/Polarpx Carbon farming: Agriculture's answer to climate change? Meat Giant Tyson Foods committed $150 million in December to a new venture investment fund arm —  one dedicated to funding startups that are tackling a broad range of challenges including safety, resource management and food waste. The company’s 5 percent ownership stake in [...]

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Monsanto Europe: 10/03/2016 This image is an example of the visual data that can be derived from remote sensing techniques. The top picture represents a true-color image, the middle an infrared image and the bottom an elevation image. Image courtesy of US National Ocean Service. Successfully feeding a global population of eight billion by 2030 is estimated to need 30% to 45% more [...]

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Housely: 10 Amazing Technologies in Landscaping

By: Nat B., 8/23/16 The key theme for landscaping today is that it is part of an outdoor experience. The biggest trends in technologies involves ways to improve and individualize outdoor spaces. Even more important is that these spaces should be functional, sustainable, and aesthetically wonderful. More than ever before, landscaping is designed to preserve ecological balance and beauty. Ornamental plants [...]

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The Western Producer: Putting space ships to work on Earth

Posted Aug. 11th, 2016 by Ron Lyseng    Managing multiple pivots manually requires a lot of driving, measuring and speculating. Remote sensing offers precision and time savings. Deciding when to turn on the tap and by how much is a major management decision for farmers who irrigate. Teams of hydrologists, soil scientists, agronomists, software specialists and aerial imagery analysts help [...]

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Agtech is the solution to the Ogallala Aquifer crisis

If you’ve ever visited the Great Plains, you’ve seen the magnificence of modern agriculture. Irrigation pivots lumber slowly across a vast green sea of soybeans, corn, and alfalfa. The rolling landscape is occasionally punctuated by windmills, the skyscrapers of this city of crops.  Despite logic saying otherwise, you get a sense that if you drove far enough, you’d reach the [...]

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